DFW Shooters Academy – Defensive Pistol 2 Review

This is copied and edited from a thread I posted on 1911Addicts.com so please forgive any grammatical weirdness as I repost something originally written several months ago.

When the class I was supposed to attend last weekend got cancelled due to the range flooding a friend invited me to attend a 4-hour Defensive Pistol 2 class by DFW Shooters Academy on Sunday. I eagerly accepted as I love any training I can get, plus it gave me a chance to try my GoPro Session side-mount and meet a follow 1911Addicts.com forum member. Prior to the class I did a little Googling and since I didn’t find much I wanted to do a quick write-up for those who may run across it and wonder if it’s worth attending.

The Shooters
There was a mix of shooters across age ranges along with several women, all really nice people. There was also a 12-year old young-man shooting a Glock 19. I’m sure some people would feel the need to keep an extra eye on the kid and his pistol but he had great gun handling ability along with a look-you-in-the-eye firm handshake so he was good to go in my book.  Here’s a video of him shooting a reload drill, many adults don’t have such good trigger finger awareness.


At the beginning of the class, after our safety briefing, the pistol fundamentals (grip, sight picture, stance, etc) were refreshed/reinforced and then we got right into shooting. DFW Shooters Academy isn’t affiliated with Paul Howe’s Combat Shooting And Tactics (CSAT) but they teach to their style by utilizing the Standards. The Standards provide a framework of goals to work toward in a nice linear fashion. For example, the first drill is at 7 yards with your pistol held in a High Ready position and from the timer beep you have 1 second to put 1 shot in the body. The second drill is at the same distance and 1 shot to the body in 1.7 seconds but this time from the holster. If a person isn’t able to achieve par on drill 1 then they’re unlikely to on drill 2 and the same with drill 2 when progressing to drill 3. So from a personal improvement standpoint you walk away with a simple training goal/plan.

Prior to shooting each of the drills they were fully explained and then demonstrated several times by the instructor. There are several components to why I think this is so valuable. I’ve never been a fan of instructors who teach drills and times but don’t demonstrate that they can perform at that level themselves. Plus seeing it done right in front of you makes it real and achievable. After seeing it done we were off to do it ourselves. We had several runs of practice on the line then the instructor would come to each of us individually with the timer to measure how we were shooting and offer any correction advice. Even though a timer was being used “hits over time” was always emphasized.

Here is video shot by my GoPro that I spliced together of some drills. It’s nothing fancy as the video was really made for me to review my shooting and watch for things like flinches, proper grip, and the like, nevertheless I wanted to share it.  My other excuse is this is my first time using this particular software and I didn’t read the directions.  The pistol in the video is my Beretta/Wilson 92G Brigadier Tactical shooting American Eagle 124 grain FMJ.


An important piece is the targets used. Compared to most targets the body region is narrower, this is due to a couple of reasons. One being that if a bad guy is facing you or is turned sideways you’re still going to get your vital hits.

CSAT target

Traditional target

There was a good pace to the class with plenty of fluid in/out breaks which is especially important in the Texas sun. In my opinion their class is geared toward shooters who want to learn how to start utilizing their pistol in a defensive capacity. Several of the shooters mentioned how their home ranges won’t allow them to draw and shoot or shoot faster than 1 shot every 1-2 seconds. This let them run their gear at a faster pace and get a taste of what it, and they, were capable of. It was a great time, everyone had fun and the instruction was top-notch.  What more could you ask for?


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