92G Brigadier Tactical at 25 yards with Federal HST

This is copied and edited from a thread I posted on 1911Addicts.com so please forgive any grammatical weirdness as I repost something originally written several months ago.

During my last range trip my rear sight came loose so the focus today was on getting it sighted in with my carry load, Federal HST 124 grain. I setup a makeshift rest and started blasting. As I was using shoot-n-see targets I inadvertently screwed myself. It was my fluorescent orange sight on their red center and my blacked out rear sight on their black border. That was a recipe for a mess and the groups showed it. It wasn’t until I pulled the 2″ red center out and stuck it on the white backing that I could start putting shots together.

These were all shot at a measured 25 yards. Yes, I actually bring a long tape to the range, I like to have exact numbers. Once at home reviewing the pictures that same exactness prompted me to download a group size calculator and I was surprised by the results. At the range I just used a round for reference and snapped a quick picture, not putting much thought into their actual size.

First up is a 5-shot group:

Beretta 25Y 2.jpg

Massad Ayoob has said that taking the best 3 shots from a 5 shot group with a rest can be representative of a Ransom Rest, so I started grouping the nearest 3 with the program.

Beretta 25Y Best 3.jpg

Here’s where it get’s wild. I started shooting 10 shot groups and put this one together.

Beretta 25Y 1.jpg

Not bad as a whole but once you break it down it’s wild. Had I not seen it myself I would probably be critical of the results.

Beretta 25Y Best.jpg

Those 7 shots must all have been really good buddies who didn’t want to separate because I’ve got no explanation for it. I guarantee you it’s all legit, anyone who knows me knows that integrity is everything to me and I always strive to give the best information possible.  Needless to say I’m quite pleased with the pistol! I have no excuses for crappy shoots now…


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