Beretta/Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical Review

This is copied and edited from a thread I posted on so please forgive any grammatical weirdness as I repost something originally written several months ago.

I’ve always been very anti-Beretta 92, but with the stock setup can you really hold it against me?  The first pistol I ever shot was a 1911, that kind of spoiled me for everything else.  The stock 92 trigger, in my opinion, leaves nearly everything to be desired.  It’s long, heavy, and I personally don’t see the need for double action/single action trigger systems.  When I saw it advertised that Wilson Combat had partnered with Beretta I thought it was odd and didn’t really pay it much mind.  But when on dedicated 1911 forums people started posting about how great the gun, and most importantly the trigger, was I couldn’t help but take notice.  At that I still held off for nearly a year from its release before finally succumbing.

I bought this in early November 2015 and finally got to shoot it mid-January 2016. Part of the wait was because I immediately shipped it off to Wilson Combat for the Action Tune, Short Reach Trigger, and Mag Guide.  Which they turned around in about 6 weeks.  The Action Tune brought my single action trigger down to a wonderful 3# 5oz and the Short Reach Trigger made a significant difference in double action.  More on both in future posts.

In-hand it shoots like a dream. I’ve never felt a softer recoiling 9mm. On my first trip I had 1 failure-to-feed about shot 56. I fired 100 Fiocchi 115 gr, then 50 American Eagle 124 gr, followed by 50 American Eagle 147 gr, and wrapped up with 100 Federal HST 124 gr +P.

Dirty pictures first and cleaned up next. They’re washed out but, hey, I was in a hurry using a cellphone and a head-lamp for light.

I had a pistol cleaning day and sat all mine out in front of me when I realized something.  They were all black on black, which is a fine look for 1 or 2 but not my whole collection.  I needed to inject some color!  I found a local Certified Cerakote Applicator and went on a hunt for what color.  Since I already had upcoming plans for silver and grey pistols I decided to step outside my normal circle.  I ran across a Black and Burnt Bronze Beretta that started to grow on me.  I’m not normally a Bronze kind of guy but the longer I looked at it the more I liked it.  Here it is in Graphite Black and Burnt Bronze.

Then the front sight treatment I put on all my pistols and it’s ready to rock.

At the time of writing this paragraph in this blog post the pistol has 2,100 rounds through it.  It is worth noting that with the standard WC Action Tune I did experience occasional light strikes with Speer Lawman FMJ ammo.  A second pull of the trigger all but one time fired the round and we were off and running again.  I have since shot many hundreds of Fiocchi, Federal and American Eagle with no light strikes.  So far, aside from range time, I’ve shot it in 1 class and 2 steel matches.  It is amazingly accurate when the user does their job and is a real pleasure to shoot.


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