Dallas Pistol Club – Real Steel match

This is copied and edited from a thread I posted on 1911Addicts.com so please forgive any grammatical weirdness as I repost something originally written several months ago.

This is the second match overall that I’ve shot and first one with the GoPro Session. I’ll be going through analyzing it looking for mistakes/issues to correct. In the meantime though I thought you guys might enjoy watching the Brig Tac blast some steel.

Sadly I missed a lot of shots I shouldn’t have but that’s part of learning.

This was the 1st stage we shot:

2nd stage:

3rd stage: (Where I pulled a total boner)

4th stage:  (I look forward to repeating the Star in the future, we have unfinished business)

5th stage I ended up recording when I thought it wasn’t and vise versa so it’s out, and so is the 6th stage. Which I’m fine not posting the 6th as I totally tanked it.  Though I wish I had it to critique.Overall I had a great time, met a bunch of cool people, and got to shoot so what’s not to like?

In going back and watching the videos at 1/4 speed I noticed some issues, which is the whole reason I bought the GoPro camera. “In the moment” it’s hard to diagnose why the bullets aren’t flying straight but slow-mo doesn’t lie. For instance, the botched run in stage 3, when the hammer falls on an empty chamber my front sight dips, I’m embarrassed to say.  I also noticed my pistol recoiling to the left, this told me my support hand grip needed tightening up and I saw I needed to relax the death grip on my dominate hand.  The Session is starting to pay-off already!

I really encourage anyone who is interested in competitive shooting to try a steel match.  You don’t have to draw from a holster, there’s no movement involved, no reloads to worry about, and it gets you used to the range commands.  In my first match I was a little bit nervous plus I had never shot at that range and didn’t know anyone there.  When I got to sign-in I told them this was my first time ever shooting a match and they were very welcoming.  The pre-match safety briefing goes over everything you need to know and who your assigned RO (Range Officer) is then you’re set.  The only thing else required is to be safe and have a good time.


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