Dan Wesson Custom Shop CCO .45 Review

This is copied and edited from a thread I posted on 1911Addicts.com so please forgive any grammatical weirdness as I repost something originally written several months ago.

This has been a long time in the making but I finally picked up my custom order from Dan Wesson. First the specs then the pics.

Stainless steel Commander slide
Stainless steel Officer frame
Ball cuts
25 LPI front strap
Under cut trigger guard
Phase II dehorn
Flush cut and reverse crown barrel
Plain black ledge rear sight
Tritium front sight
Recessed slide stop
Short trigger
3.75# trigger pull
EGW Carry Bevel bushing
EGW flat-wire .250 guide rod and spring plug
ISMI Commander flat-wire recoil spring
Wilson Bullet-Proof wide ambi thumb safety, trim right side lever from .285 to .175
Wilson Bullet-Proof slide stop
Wilson Bullet-Proof Tactical mag release
Smith and Alexander arched magwell
VZ Operator II grips (beveled and Cerakoted)


Sight picture and shot of trimmed down safety. Can’t believe I missed the lint in the wipe down.


I love the dehorn they did and the smooth face trigger feels amazing. A look at the undercut trigger guard also.



Every 1911 I’ve ever owned had a little wiggle in the slide/frame fit and such but this thing is solid and glides so smooth.  After break-in I’ll be sending it to a smith for a couple of things DW couldn’t do and it’ll eventually get a yet to be decided finish, as well.

The housemate and I proceeded to put 300 rounds through it, 150 Fiocchi followed by 150 Blazer Brass. This thing is insanely accurate and runs like a freaking top.  The last 1911 I shot was the production DW CCO  and I was surprised by how different it felt. I prefer how this one new shoots over any 1911 I’ve ever fired, including full-size versions. I imagine it’s a combination of the size, steel frame, DW’s craftsmanship and the flat-wire recoil spring.  The result of the day’s blasting:



Just cleaned it up.  A polished feed-ramp makes me fill warm and fuzzy inside.


After clean-up it was time to get my front sight squared away.  Please excuse the picture, the front sight is a serious pain to photograph, plus I’m using a cell camera.



After another 300 rounds through it consisting of 200 Blazer Brass, then 50 Federal HST, and finally 50 Federal HST +P, it brought total round count to 600.  The break-in is done and I’m very pleased. The painted front sight is so much easier to shoot with, I can really rock it now.  It’s running a 22# recoil spring right now so I called up ISMI and ordered an 18# and 20# to test. Soon I’ll test all 3 to find my preference.

This was my first time ever taking a file to a pistol. When I stripped the CCO to clean it I noticed the HSTs were rubbing the slide stop. I grabbed a file and slowly started in. I pushed the rounds as far forward as they would fit in the mag well (worst case scenario) and ran it over the slide stop several times to leave a rub, then file, and repeat. I did this with Wilson, Tripp, and CMC mags until none would touch but all would engage the stop properly.  The Tripp’s required the most to be taken off the slide stop. When I first started there was enough slide stop material sticking out when using the Tripp magazines that the HST round would rub hard enough to rotate in the magazine when passing over the stop.

During its last outing the Wilson thumb safety chewed up my thumb webbing during the so it’s getting re-profiled and blended by Derr Precision.  There are also some things Dan Wesson isn’t currently setup to do, like French Borders, so I’m having them done. Since I was sending it in any way I decided to get the ball-cuts cleaned up and brought even with the dust-cover along with a couple other small things I wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. Sad to see it leave but can’t wait for when it returns!


3 thoughts on “Dan Wesson Custom Shop CCO .45 Review

  1. I didn’t see this on 1911 addicts, Beretta forum, or any of my other lurking places. Glad i came across it here.

    I’ve never shot a CCO sized 1911, but think one would compliment my Dan Wesaon Valor pretty well. Maybe down the road i’ll pick one up.


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