6/12/16 – Baseline with 92G Brigadier Tactical

You know those range days where everything goes right and you shoot great?  Yeah, this wasn’t one of those days.  I’m embarrassed to post video of it but it happened so here we are.  I told someone last week “you learn more from bad range days than good ones” so I’m going to practice what I preach.

The target’s used in The Test are standard IDPA targets.  For simplicity of reporting I converted their numbers to zones.  -0 is considered an A-hit, -1 is a B-hit, -2 is a C-hit and a self-slap.

I setup the targets, loaded up and shot The Test.  I hadn’t drawn or dry fired a pistol today so that’s about as cold as I can get.

The Test:
3 yards, one shot to the head, in 1 second
7 yards, one shot to the head, in 1.5 seconds
10 yards, two shots to the body, in 2 seconds
15 yards, two targets, two shots on target 1, reload, two shots on target 2, to the body, in 6 seconds
25 yards, two shots to the body, in 4 seconds

3 yards
String 1: 1.25 / A-Hit / .25 over
String 2: 1.27 / A-Hit / .27 over
(Some good draw and dry-fire practice should bring this time down.  I don’t currently practice dry-fire.)

7 yards
String 1: 1.58 / A-Hit / .08 over
String 2: 1.46 / A-Hit / .04 under
(Not bad but both were only in by around an inch.)

10 yards
String 1: 1.95 / 1 A-Hit 1 B-Hit / .05 under
String 2: NA / 1 A-Hit 1 Miss
(In my dismay from the miss I forgot to grab the time. Not sure what transpired here but I’m sure the video will tell all.)

15 yards
String 1: 5.76 / 1 A-Hit 1 B-Hit / .24 under
String 2: 5.39 / 1 B-Hit 1 B-Hit / .61 under
2nd Target: 2 B-Hits 2 C-Hits
(Need to run a little bit slower to bring those in tighter.)

25 yards
String 1: 2.45 / 1 B-Hit 1 C-Hit / 1.55 under
String 2: 2.46 / 2-Miss / 1.54 under
(What a mess… I think I was bummed out and distracted because of my hits and just wasn’t focused. The only thought in my head when that timer beeped was “GO!” The first string, considering how fast I shot it, is not horrendous but not what is called for. I knew I needed to slow down but once that timer dinged again it was just “GO!” and this time no lucky hits.)

There’s an obvious takeaway: s l o w  d o w n . . .  Following that nutty performance I shot some of the drills much slower while focusing on form.

After that I put up some Dot Torture targets and practiced right hand only at 3 yards, left hand only at 3 yards, then finally both hands at 7 yards.  Instead of going through the full Dot drill I just shot 5 rounds, give or take, at each dot.

I spent a total of an hour and 40 minutes at the range and fired 250 rounds.  Definitely not my best outing but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from it so I’m not too down on myself.  I’ll end up going through the videos several times looking for things to improve and will have a better outing next time.


Update 6/13
The side-by-side video has proven very helpful for me.  It pointed out my double action shots are dropping low right.  Referencing the Pistol Correction Chart for right handed shooters:
I’ve been working on my grip after noticing in previous videos that my pistol was recoiling to the left, signaling I need an increase in support hand grip.  I also noticed I was gripping with my dominate hand too tightly.  I’m making progress with it but it’s hard to fight the “grip the hell out of it” instinct.
From a steel match last month, notice the tight grip.
Yesterday during practice, a slightly more relaxed grip.
Main training focus for now is still centered around grip and trigger finger.
  • Increase support hand grip and get good palm contact.
  • Relax dominate hand grip and get a nice straight pull on the trigger.


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