6/17/16 – Steel practice with the 92G Brigadier Tactical

With the upcoming steel match on Sunday I wanted to get in a little practice, so Friday afternoon I took a quick trip to the range.  I brought 300 rounds with the intention of getting in some good fundamental practice.  I’m still focused on improving my support hand grip and relaxing my dominate hand to aid in better trigger control.  I wasn’t looking to do anything spectacular and set any speed records, just ingrain some good habits.

Overall I’m happy with how the practice went.  I tried to take a solid methodical approach to each shot while maintaining a good pace.  The YouTube video attached is a couple of minutes clipped out of just under an hour but they’re together in order.  The first string in the video is the first I shot that day.  As it progresses my speed increases, get’s a little too fast and I have to dial it back.  I’m particularly proud of myself for that as it’s something I struggle with.  Hopefully I can carry that into tomorrow’s match.

While watching the video I noticed how visible the front sight was to the camera and took a screenshot.  I love it!  Soon I’ll do a simple write-up on the painting process, it’s a must for all my pistols.

Front sight



  • I’ll be interested in the painting process, and look forward to seeing how it compares with one of Todd G’s posts on pistol forum. I looks like he does something pretty similar with his front sights. He either uses a sticker that he punches then cuts to size, or uses a marker.

    It looks like your magazines aren’t quite drop free, but take a little wiggle. Maybe nothing but thought it was odd. Good luck at the match.


    • Thanks, Cory!

      The mags not dropping is due to 2 reasons. 1) Sometimes the angle I hold the pistol is too vertical. 2) Mec-Gar 18 round mags don’t drop free like Beretta mags for me. I’ve modified some and they’re getting better. Other’s I over modified and they won’t trip the slide stop so I have to order new followers. That’s another write-up to come once I’ve confirmed my solution is reliable.


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