Dallas Pistol Club – Metal Mania match

Every time I go shoot at DPC (Dallas Pistol Club) I meet a bunch of really nice people and this time was no different.  Considering I’ve been to 3 matches so far and every time my squad has been made up of people I hadn’t met before I’d say they have a really good crowd.

I don’t have much to comment on as I just clipped out the down time, threw a soundtrack on the video and while it’s been uploading I’ve been typing.  I haven’t watched it yet as my computer chugs when viewing high quality video files so I have to upload them to YouTube and view them there.  I do know that with 5 stages each having 5 strings of fire with 5 shots means a perfect match would be shot with 125 rounds, I fired a total of 154.

Overall though I would say the match went well.  Most importantly I had fun.  I believe I shot pretty well even with the times I pushed a too hard and things started falling apart.  Today I helped keep score so I was paying attention to times, watching the shooter and then comparing how I shot it.  It really helped reiterate the importance of just “going easy”.  While visually the other shooters didn’t look like they were moving or shooting that fast they put it great times, whereas to reach that same time I felt like I was stomping on the gas.  I’m sure some people reading this are already saying “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.  While I won’t argue with that it’s one of those things that wears heavy on my ears, like most overused catchphrases.  Nevertheless, the ultimate premise holds true.  Huh, I guess I had more to say than I thought.  On with the video!

Can’t have metal mania without metal!  

Same video but sans soundtrack, for those that like to hear the steel ding.

Next Sunday is Real Steel.  Wish me luck!


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