CSAT MTT – Pistol Workout

I’ve been somewhat absent lately due to real life.  Work had me traveling for a couple weeks along with some other circumstances that have held me up.  Nevertheless I wanted to break the streak with a quick post and video.

This last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a Pistol Workout put on by CSAT MTT (Combat Shooting And Tactics Mobile Training Team).  This is an invitation only event, restricted to people who have received formal training, like their Tactical Pistol Operator class, so as to keep the pace moving and allow more advanced content.  It is a total of 2 hours and 250 rounds of ammo.  The first hour is spent warming up by practicing the CSAT Standards and then the second hour you get into the workout.

I think the greatest thing about the class was the ability to set your own physical pace. Sadly I’m currently in horrible shape and was concerned about how it may impact the class but it turned out to be a non-issue. I got a good workout that was also a lot of fun. Plus it was a good motivator for me to get in shape.

I quickly threw together some video showing both the warm-up and workout.  First part is the warm-up and then at 5:30 the workout starts.  I’ll be painstakingly reviewing the full video looking for areas to improve.


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