CSAT MTT – Tactical Pistol Operator 2-Day Class Review

A little over 3 weeks ago I took CSAT MTT’s Tactical Pistol Operator class and am, unfortunately, just now getting around to writing about it.  It’s a fantastic class for both beginning and intermediate shooters.  They have a solid plan that takes you through what you need to learn in a nice stair step approach.  You start by doing seemingly simple drills but those drills build on each other into more complex ones.

CSAT MTT describes their course as:

CSAT MTT offers a one-day and two-day Tactical Pistol Operator course. Both of these classes focuses on the tactical employment of the sidearm and students will engage targets from 7 to 25 yards.
The course will address the following major topics:
  • Safety
  • Surgical shooting (Pistol)
  • Discrimination
  • Use of Cover
  • Transition drills
  • Realistic time and accuracy standards will be used as a training standard and goal
  • Shooting Plan Development
  • Shooting “work out” plans for future individual development will be taught
Equipment needed: Tactical gear or Concealed Carry rig to include pistol, holster, magazines, eye and ear protection. Bring water and inclement weather gear. Also, bring weapon cleaning equipment.
Ammunition: 800 pistol rounds.
Considering the quality of instruction you’re provided and what you learn in relation to the cost, it is a wonderful value you’ll be hard pressed to beat.   If you watch my shooting videos from before the class and then compare them to the CSAT MTT Workout video I just posted you’ll see marked improvement in my shooting.
For those interested in attending the class I wanted to provide a few clips to give you an idea of what the class is like.  The video starts with how CSAT loads and unloads their firearms to give you an idea of the instruction style and includes some of the feedback I received that helped me.  I hope it encourages someone to take the plunge and sign-up for a very educational and exceedingly fun time.

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