CSAT MTT – Pistol Workout

I unfortunately haven’t been updating this as often as I’d like. The weather here in TX has been pretty hot so my heat issues have kept me benched. This last Saturday I attended another CSAT MTT Pistol Workout, this time with my new Walther PPQ M2. The workouts are a lot of fun and you get in some good exercise. Here’s a couple clips from it:

This was my first time shooting the Walther and it ran well. I had a failure to return to battery (shown in the video) that was a bit odd because just smacking the slide’s butt didn’t fix it. The trigger didn’t reset so I had to rack the slide and pump in a new round. Until I get a few hundred rounds through a pistol I’m not too worried about minor hiccups but I’ll keep an eye on it nevertheless.


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