DFW Shooters Academy – Private Training

It seems I’m perpetually late in updating this.  “Real” life gets in the way and, well, I’ll admit to a bit of procrastination.  I’d rather be out doing something then writing about it and editing video.

On Monday the 29th I took 3 hours of training from DFW Shooters Academy.  The instructor is a fellow forum member a fantastic trainer.  It was a great session where we spent 1 hour on pistol and 2 hours on rifle. He helped me become aware of and fix a couple body mechanics issues which was a great benefit to me.  This was also my offical introduction to the AR-15.  I’ve owned and shot them in the past but without any formal training.  I thought it was time I started taking them seriously.

A couple clips from the session-




  • What happened to the Wilson 92? I’ve been busy lately and may have missed a forum post of yours, but has the HK replaced it?



    • No way! The 92G is still near and dear to my heart. I wanted a Glock 19 sized 9mm for my carry rotation and I needed a back-up training gun for classes, should my primary go down. These last couple videos have been breaking in the Walther and working toward a full review. If interested you can find the review thread under Autoloaders on Addicts. I just completed accuracy testing so I’m just now putting together the review for here.


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