CSAT MTT Tactical Pistol Operator – Day 2

I finally finished up my Tactical Pistol Operator (TPO) class! For those who don’t know, during my previous TPO class I let myself get dangerously dehydrated and had to be taken to the emergency room. The guys at CSAT MTT were great, not only about driving me 40+ minutes to the ER, but also with letting me pick another day to re-take.  Due to either very hot or rainy weather its taken awhile for me to finish it out.  I now proudly have my certificate of completion!

I’ve had the luck of first attending a class taught by Phil (TPO Day 1) and now Shane (TPO Day 2) as well.  Both are great instructors with their own unique teaching styles.  What has really impressed me about each is their interactions with the students.  I’ve observed how they interact with men and women, from young to ‘seasoned’, new shooters to veterans, and it is always with the utmost respect.  There’s no drill sergeant, you won’t have someone yelling in your ear while you’re trying to clear a malfunction and there’s no gimmicks.  It’s rock solid instruction, period.

Normally I’d post up some video but the one in my previous post about the TPO class (viewable here) was pretty comprehensive, I think.  So instead I’ll post up my diploma.  It was a wild ride completing it but I’m proud to finish it.



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