Are mag dumps just for fun?

Very, very, rarely do I ever do a mag dump, it’s a huge waste of ammo in my general opinion. I can’t even remember the last time I tore through a whole mag as fast as I could. I decided to just for the hell of it and had an interesting result. After it happened twice I decided to catch it on video, here’s 45 rounds as fast as I could pull the trigger.

I wasn’t shooting for accuracy but was pleasantly surprised nevertheless. On the third mag the issue happened again but not completely, that’s why you don’t fully see it in the video. Apparently toward the end of a 15 round mag my grip was shifted enough under fire to activate the mag release.  I’m glad I learned of this on the range and not when it really counted.

I thought I held the mindset of thoroughly testing my guns for any possible scenario. Looking back I guess I figured that if an issue didn’t occur with rapid fire of half a dozen or so rounds then it’s unlikely to occur with a full mag. Lesson learned!


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