Advanced Individual Tactics – Prepping for class.

Craziness has been overwhelming my personal and professional life lately so I haven’t gotten any updates out.  I’ve accumulated enough information in a thread on to make a decent update.

This month I’m heading to CSAT (Combat Shooting And Tactics) for their Advanced Individual Tactics (AIT) course. For those who aren’t familiar with CSAT its owned and operated by the venerable Paul Howe. For those who aren’t familiar with Mr Howe he’s former Delta Force and was part of the Black Hawk Down battle.

Per his website the description for AIT is:

The skills listed below will be covered during AIT both in light/no light environments.

Safety Exterior Contact
Combat Mindset Single Hallway CQB
Basic Live Fire Review Single CQB/T Intersections
Range Fire Medical
Barricade Work
Live Fire Culmination Scenarios
Vehicle Bailouts
Low Light all of the above

This course will focus on the safely resolving active shooter problems wherever they are encountered to include a safe link up with police. Course material will be applicable to civilians, teachers and police.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Concealment Bag or holster, pistol, eye and ear protection. A
hand held light is required, weapon lights are optional. Bring extra batteries and train how you intend to fight. Bring inclement weather gear as required. Students will deploy weapon from concealed carry or Active Shooter bag during all scenarios and range fire.

Pistol Ball (or duty) 600 rds

I’m obviously quite excited for 3 days of nothing but learning from some of the best. My dilemma is which pistol to shoot. <sarcasm> Both have lights so that’s equal but the PPQ has a threaded barrel so that ups my ‘I’m a badass operator’ factor. </sarcasm>  But really though, each has its advantages and disadvantages.


I carry both and I’ve asked myself which I would want to have on me should I need it to defend my life but it’s a toss-up. Both can shoot 1.5″ or less groups at 25 yards so accuracy is moot. The PPQ has the advantage of the consistent trigger pull whereas the double action first shot of the Beretta could be more challenging. Especially with a lot of the class being shoot one-handed since I’ll have a flashlight in my support hand. Ultimately both will end up going, along with spare springs. This is my first out-of-town class so it stands to reason this is when my chosen pistol would crash hard.

After trying to for over a week I finally made it to the range today. I shot 50 rounds to warm-up the Beretta and then a 45 round set of drills. I then followed up with 50 rounds to warm-up the Walther and the same drills.

The drills were all shot from 7 yards, starting from the ready position and shot 5 times. First drill was 1 shot to the body with a par time of 1 second, second was 2 shots to the body with a par time of 1.5 seconds, and third was 5 shots to the body and one to the head with a par time of 3 seconds.

Video below for scrutiny, its raw as I didn’t do any editing.

Drill times-

Drill 1-
Average of 1.02

Drill 2-
Average of 1.70

Drill 3-
Average 3.99

Drill 1-
Average 1.01 – .01 faster than the Beretta

Drill 2-
Average 1.68 – .02 faster than the Beretta.

Drill 3-
Average 3.98 – .01 faster than the Beretta.

Well, that was much closer than I was expecting.  I was really wanting a clear-cut winner.

Beretta target-


Walther target-


Sorry for the poor images, they’re screenshots since I forgot to take pictures of each target.

The pondering continues on which pistol to shoot but I’m leaning toward the Beretta, it’s just such a joy to shoot.


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