Bill Wilson’s 5×5 Skill Test

On a gauntlet was laid down.  I say laid down instead of thrown down because it’s all in fun between friends.  The challenge was to see who could shoot Bill Wilson’s 5×5 drill/skill test the fastest.  It seemed appropriate to post it to my training journal as it’s my current focus.  The full PDF can be downloaded from here.

5×5 Handgun Skill Test

Designer: Bill Wilson

Purpose: Create  a  measurable  quick  to  run  and  low  round  count skill drill  that  tests  basic  handgun  proficiency  and  rapid  fire  pistol control. Equipment: Service  pistol of 9mm  caliber  or  larger, concealed  carry suitable  holster  and  ammunition  with  a  power  factor  (bullet  weight  x velocity)  of  125,000  or  more.  **Note,  if  you  shoot  this  from concealment  or  in  a  specific  gear,  keep  track  of  that  for  future reference  and  consistency.

Target:  One  standard  IDPA,  10  yards  downrange

Scoring:  IDPA  Limited  Vickers,  25  shots  total
1.  Count  25  shots  on  target  (24  in  the  body  and 1 in the head).
2.  Add  .50  seconds  for  each  hit  in  the  “-1”  area.
3.  Add  1.5  seconds  for  each  hit  in  the  “-3”  area. 4.  Add  2.5  seconds  for  each  hit  off  target  (and SLAP  yourself).

Start  Position: Hands  at  your  sides  facing target.  No  concealment  garment  necessary.

String  1:  Draw  and  fire  5  shots  freestyle (two  hands)
String  2:  Draw  and  fire  5  shots  strong  hand only
String  3:  Draw  and  fire  5  shots  freestyle (two  hands), reload  from  slidelock  and  fire  5 more  shots  freestyle

String  4:  Draw  and  fire  4  shots  to  the  body and  1  shot  to  the  head  freestyle

Skill  ranking  (Bill  Wilson’s  opinion) Grand  Master:  15  seconds  or  less<
Master:  20  seconds  or  less
Expert:  25  seconds  or  less
Sharpshooter:  32  seconds  or  less
Marksman:  41  seconds  or  less
Novice:  50  seconds  or  less
Not  proficient  enough  to  carry  a handgun: Over  50  seconds

Here was my first submission to the contest.

22.09 seconds – Raw time
+3.0 seconds – Dropped shots
=25.09 – Total time

I was disappointed I ended up 6 points down, but that’s what practice is for!


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