F.A.S.T and Steel

As an update for my training journal I’ve been working on the F.A.S.T drill in this months forum competition. The rules for the competition require to clean back to back runs.  My best time so far is 6:21 and 6:56 for a 12.77 total time.  Sadly I had forgotten to charge my GoPro and didn’t get any video.  Well I finally got some video running the drill and happen to catch something interesting on video.

Today I shot a steel match with a friend and his crew.  I finally didn’t forget my camera and it was charged to boot! I sure do love the sound of ringing steel!

A clean match would have been 126 rounds and I fired 155. That puts my hit percentage at 77%, down from 84% in my previous match. Unfortunately since my front sight broke yesterday the new front and rear I installed, which were different heights than the originals, had not been test fired previous to the match. Nevertheless, I should have shot it better. Still a good learning session and most importantly I had fun!


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