Cerakote Firearm Finish Review

There are several good firearm finishes out there depending on what you’re looking for.  It’s pretty difficult to make a case against hard chrome, melonite/nitride or NP3 depending on what you’re looking for.  Unless you want something besides silver, black or gray that is.  What initially turned me onto Cerakote was their huge range of color options.  Then I learned it’s actually a heck of a finish.


There’s a good reason so many large firearm manufacturers have started using it.  A good Cerakoter can be hard to find though.  Anyone can buy Cerakote and spray it but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.  Through Cerakote’s website I found a certified applicator within a short driving distance, they had nice work posted in their gallery so I decided to give them a shot.  I contacted Matt at Morrigan Gun Modifications and setup a time to stop by.

The first pistol I had done was my Wilson Combat/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical, shown below in a cellphone picture I took right after it was completed.


Turns out that batch of Bronze came contaminated from Cerakote and it started to wear exceptionally fast.  I contacted Matt who informed me of the situation and got new Bronze on the way.  He resprayed it for me at no cost and it has been perfect in the subsequent several months.  Below is another cellphone picture after the new Bronze.  The color is the same as before though appearing darker due to lighting.  I specifically requested the rails be taped off to preserve the anodizing.


I’ve had several additional guns finished and Cerakote has always been a great performer.  When my SIG P226 SAO Legion started developing serious issues (viewable here) I wasted several weeks waiting on SIG, ultimately for them just to return it unfixed.  Cerakote always treated me well before so it was a natural choice again.  But now I was into crunch time as I’m actively running this gun for the next couple months straight.  Between matches, range trips and an upcoming class my schedule was very tight.  I sent Matt an email explaining my situation and asking for his help, he immediately replied that he’d take care of me.  The pictures below are the result.


Note the X300U, this was done in Cerakote’s High Temp series.  The High Temp is air dry instead of the traditional oven bake which can have an adverse effect on components.


If you need a solid finish and demand the best value for your dollar I recommend checking out Cerakote.


6 thoughts on “Cerakote Firearm Finish Review

  1. It looks good. I enjoyed all of your articles on the Sig. I have had my “sights” set on getting a P226 Legion SAO but after reading your experiences I am a bit hesitant.


  2. Love that it’s sitting on an “Archer” DVD…love that show! I have had similar problems with mine and I like how yours turned out. I have a local cerakote shop as well and will be having mine done, not exactly like yours, which looks great but I’ll change the colors a little. Great gun, shitty factory finish, should happen when you spend that mush on a gun. I will say the reset and trigger on mine is unbelievable sweet!


  3. I agree, the PVD finish on both the slide and frame are shit. Just received my P226SAO Legion and it had scrapes on the top front end of the slide that are through the finish. I also don’t think that the frames are hard coat anodized. PVD isn’t going to protect either. I’m planning on having my frame Cerakoted and my slide refinished by SIG in what should always have been Nitron. SIG messed up by going cheap on finishing. I’m disappointed to say the least. I may get a P226SAO Elite and have the Legion flat trigger installed and I was looking forward to getting a P229SAO Legion as well. Now I know that if I do it will require refinishing. SIG QC has gone downhill. SIGnificantly so.


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