TALON Grips Review

Polymer pistols are notoriously slippery.  There are options like stippling but it’s a permanent modification.  It will of course cost to have it done professionally and while it can be done yourself I recommend caution.  I’ve seen many frames aesthetically ruined by poor stippling jobs.  So what does that leave us with?  Skateboard tape is commonly used but it’s very abrasive, it will wear a hole in your skin and shirt rather quickly.  It’s also unlikely to look very pleasing.  The other main option is slip on grips but those increase the grip size and that’s not appealing for most people.  TALON Grips came to the table with a full grip that didn’t increase size, wasn’t permanent like stippling, and looked like it was supposed to be there.

I first learned of them on a Glock forum something like 8 years ago.  I ordered a couple sets and never looked back.  Unlike skateboard tape TALON grips are offered in two different textures, rubber and granulate.  Granulate is similar to skateboard tape in how grippy it is.  Used in competition or at the range with an outside waistband holster, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that offers better grip.  TALON’s rubber grips are geared toward carry guns, they don’t irritate the skin or clothing and still offer superior grip.


While taking my last class it was pretty warm out and I was sweating plenty.  The feeling of not having as solid grip as normal was causing me to over-grip my SIG, with drastic effect on my accuracy.  You can wipe off your hands but it’s an endless battle.  Before my next match I decided to cut out a strip of skateboard tape and stick it on my front strap.  While not as good as TALON’s granulate it was a good short-term fix while I ordered some.  The difference was immediately noticeable, especially under rapid fire.  I wasn’t feeling the urge to squeeze the life out of the gun and could instead focus on my trigger work.



TALON ships their grips with clear and simple instructions that I suggest everyone fully read.  Their application process is designed to make them last as long as possible.  They also come with an alcohol pad to clean the gun’s grip area, the cleaner the surface the better the adhesion.  All things meant to last need a good foundation, don’t skimp on the cleaning.  The only time I’ve ever experienced less than stellar results is when I didn’t fully follow the process.  The picture below is a set I installed a couple years ago and they’re still there.  The difference they make on small pocket pistols is huge.


A TALON grip will run you $17.99 and mag extensions are $1.99.  They are the best looking lowest cost option for a full grip enhancement that I know of.  Being able to choose your grip texture then change your mind down the road and remove it is great feature.  Every polymer pistol I own wears TALON grips but they also make them for metal guns, like the Beretta 92 and SIG P226.  I’m obviously a big fan, give them a try and you may be as well.  https://talongungrips.com/


2 thoughts on “TALON Grips Review

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Rubber for carry or IWB use. Granulate for range/competition or OWB. I’ve thought about doing a hybrid with rubber on the inside against the skin and granulate on the outside. I need to actually try it.


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