Last May Match

Today was the last match of May, Real Steel at Dallas Pistol Club.  I started off the match horribly.  When I try to consciously shoot fast I start muscling the gun.  I thought it’s what happened during my first stage and I verified it on the second.  My sight picture was center target but my shots where barely creasing the bottom.  My trigger work felt okay so that meant I had a pre-ignition flinch going.

Going into stage 3, the Texas Star, I tightened up my game.  Unfortunately my one shot that missed found its way into my friends face.  ALWAYS.  WEAR.  EYE PROTECTION.  Had my friend not been wearing his, instead of deflecting down into his cheek, he could have easily lost his eye.  Check out the match video for pictures.  The Star was retired until it undergoes a refitting to fix the area where my bullet ricocheted from.

I was surprised to end the match at an 84% hit rate given my first couple stages, it felt like a much worse performance.  A good reminder for me to just focus on my hits instead of speed and the speed will be there.


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