NTMG and DPC Steel Matches

I hadn’t really trained much the previous 10 days or so.  My dry-fire slacked off and I didn’t get to the range like I should have.  I then shot North Texas Multi Gun’s steel match, which is more like an all steel USPSA than traditional speed steel, and my hit percentage was a paltry 75%.  I was able to do some mid-match course corrections that helped, but not enough to bring my numbers up.  Adding to the disappointment was having my GoPro backwards for 2 stages.

One thing I was really happy about was my problem solving skills.  One reason I started shooting more matches was to expose myself to different situations that require me to think under stress.  The stage started bad when on the draw my thumb caught part of my shirt.  I quickly adjusted and ripped off a set of targets.  I turn to check my six before moving and was face to face with my RO.  Since I was the first on the squad to run this stage we didn’t realize that standing in the traditional RO spot was a major no-go as you were going to get muzzled when the shooter moved.

Looking back it felt like an eternity as everything ran through my head.  First was the major flashing red STOP sign as I realized if I continued onward I would create a major safety problem.  “Do I call an alibi and reset?  Is he going to move on his own?  He’s the acting RO, is he going to call a stop?” all quickly flashed through my head.  Since, in what felt like forever to me, nothing happened I moved to a canted sul position (muzzle still down-range instead of straight at the ground) so I could bring my support hand over the top and guide him out of my way.  Once it clicked for him he hustled out of the way and I was back to blasting.  By the end of the stage I had forgotten it even happened, so when they offered a re-shoot it took me a second to think of why.  I re-shot it just so I could shoot more, I wasn’t really concerned about the extra few seconds.

Here’s video of 3 stages, minus the backwards 2. It doesn’t have the potential safety issue in there as I don’t want show the guys face. He was a cool dude and no reason to potentially embarrass him should someone who shoots there see it. No safety rules were actually violated and the worst thing was it added a few seconds to a run that didn’t end up counting. No big deal.


YESTERDAY I shot the monthly Metal Mania match at Dallas Pistol Club.  Instead of just shooting my P226 SAO I brought in my M&P Shield as well.  I’ve been wanting to get more trigger time with it considering how often I carry it and a match is the perfect time.  Since it was my secondary gun I started each string from a low-ready instead of trying to swap holsters between strings.


I ended the match with an accuracy rating of 88.6% with my P226 and 85% with my Shield.  Not bad for a small carry pistol.  I’m still trying to break 90% and keep getting close but just barely keep missing it.  I’ll keep a good focus and get there eventually.


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