Regular Training and Real Steel

Training Update|  Whether it’s sports or business nearly all the best people in their respective categories work with trainers, mentors or advisers.  Since I’ve been taking my shooting more and more seriously, last week I setup a reoccurring private training session at Tribute Tactical.  I’ll be stopping by every two weeks for a session on handgun and rifle.  My instructor, who I’ve worked with previously, and I have discussed my goals and I trust his lead.  It’ll be a good way for me to stay on task and make sure my skill level is increasing as needed.  It’s a relatively minor expense and the training is well worth it!


Today was Real Steel and a real blast.  It was pretty warm but not unbearably hot and I was feeling good going in.  Here’s the match video:

In my quest to break a 90% hit rate I keep getting close, but no cigar.  Last week was 88.6% and this week was 88.8%.  If I only had 2 less misses I would have broken 90. Next month it will happen!


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