SIG Sauer P320 Flat Trigger Review: Apex Advanced vs. Grayguns PELT

After my initial review of the stock P320 (viewable here) it’s now time to start looking at modifications.  Why the flat trigger?  It’s what came on my SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion and I’ve come to really like it.  Plus I like consistency across by pistols when possible and since I’m shooting my P226 a lot it would be nice to have some of that trigger control translate over to the P320.

If you’ve looked up each trigger the big glaring question probably going through your mind is “Is the Grayguns trigger really worth twice the price of the Apex?”  They both claim to reduce the trigger pull by approximately 2 pounds just by dropping in.  I’m going to test every parameter I can think of to see if the Grayguns price is justified or severely inflated.  Onto formal introductions.


Apex Tactical: Flat Advanced Trigger


Per Apex’s website:

The Apex Flat Advanced Trigger for the Sig Sauer P320 is a direct replacement to the factory curved trigger and is easily installed without the need for tools or fixtures. The trigger is engineered to reduce the trigger pull weight by approximately 2 lbs. from the factory setting, and the flat design allows the shooter to position their finger lower on the trigger face to take advantage of the increased leverage.

Expected Results
– Reduced trigger pull weight by approximately 2 lbs.
– Direct drop-in replacement of factory curved trigger
– No tools required for installation
– Maintains factory drop safety values


Grayguns: Custom P320 Trigger (PELT)


Per Grayguns website:

The Grayguns Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger for the SIG SAUER® P320 is a drop-in, bar-stock, enhanced trigger for your P320 that reduces trigger weight while preserving all mechanical safety values.

P320 Trigger Specifications and Features
– Reduces total trigger pull weight approximately 2 pounds below factory-stock for the standard series, and about 1.25 pounds for the X5 variant.
– Minimal over-travel, stops at optimum trigger face angle
– Smoother takeup and release sensation
– Preserves factory sear engagement and mechanical safety values

The Grayguns kit also comes with a trigger bar spring.  Per their website again:

The spring itself is designed to reduce the felt “double click” during dry fire of the P320. Due to varying factory tolerances, you may prefer our custom spring, or you may prefer the factory spring. You decide what works for you!

It’s important to note our custom spring is not designed – nor does it – reduce the trigger pull weight on the P320. (On some guns there may be a slight change in pull weight.) Our spring has not been tested with any trigger other than the Grayguns PELT and we do not support use of the spring with any other trigger.



The Data

First up are the numbers and then I’ll give my personal opinion on the feel of each.  My testing protocol is to measure and record each combination and then fully repeat the process all over again.  This means removing and reinstalling each part.  It’s tedious but provides the most accurate results.

Stock Curved Trigger
Weight: 6 pounds 8 ounces
Reach: 2.71″
Pre-travel: 0.11″
Width: 0.37″

Apex Trigger
Weight: 5 pounds w/ stock spring
Weight: 4 pounds 8 ounces w/ GG spring
Reach: 2.76″
Pre-travel: 0.12″
Width: 0.38″


Grayguns Trigger
Weight: 3 pounds 8 ounces w/ GG spring
Weight: 4 pounds 1 ounce w/ stock spring
Reach: 2.81″
Pre-travel: 0.12″
Width: 0.36″


I found that when using the Grayguns spring the tactile and audible reset is significantly reduced.  I did not like the feel.  Thankfully it is remedied by using the stock spring.

As noted above the Grayguns spring reduced the trigger pull weight by an average of 1/2 a pound.  According to their website “…our custom spring is not designed – nor does it – reduce the trigger pull weight on the P320.”  That’s pretty clear wording, is not designed nor does it.  Then they follow it with “On some guns there may be a slight change in pull weight.”  Well, which is it?  I personally don’t consider a 1/2 pound to be slight.  It may just be me but if I ordered a 3.5 pound trigger job on a gun and it comes back with 4 pounds, or vice versa, I consider that significant.


The Feel

I noticed no perceptible difference in the break or reset.  Granted, I wasn’t testing them side by side because I only had one gun so maybe that would have made a difference.

This really comes down to the width of the trigger for me.  The extra 0.02″ of the Apex trigger was noticeable.  While it wasn’t bad, in comparison I liked the Grayguns slimmer trigger more.  This may or may not bother other people based on their finger placement and overall size.  The Grayguns trigger face edges are also beveled a little more than the Apex which I think aids in it’s comfort.

The Apex break starts in the flat vertical position whereas with the Grayguns it finishes at flat vertical.


Down To One

I like the finger feel of the Grayguns trigger better but is it worth twice the price of the Apex?  I don’t believe so.  If there was a significant improvement in performance than that would be one thing, but there wasn’t.  My conclusion is further supported by SIG’s factory flat trigger selling for the same price as the Apex.

What about the difference in trigger weight between them?  Each trigger can produce a different weight in different guns.  If you’re trying to reduce your trigger weight the best way is by having a gunsmith work it over.  I recommend The SIG Armorer Robert Burke.  In addition to reducing the weight he can also tune the pre- and over-travel.  There’s simply no drop-in replacement for a professional trigger job.


For my review of the SIG factory flat trigger click here.

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