SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge

At this point in time I have 6,150 rounds through my P226 and have never had a malfunction.  I’ve never had any gun, including the Glock’s I’ve owned, go that long without multiple malfunctions.  Over the next couple of months I’ll be shooting more than I ever have in preparation for a 6 day class at CSAT (Combat Shooting And Tactics), so it seemed like a good time for a reliability challenge.

P226 Clean

I just finished giving my P226 a nice deep clean, replaced the recoil spring and it’s ready for action.  Covering the rails is Super Lube Synthetic Grease, a PTFE lubricant.  Everywhere else has Shooter’s Choice FP-10 oil.  From this point forward it will not be cleaned and receive no more grease or oil.

The ammo used will consist of Aguila, American Eagle, Browning, and Federal.

The challenge stops when the malfunctions start.  Along the way I’ll give periodic updates.  How many rounds do you think it will take?  Comment below and give your guess.


For the 1,000 round update click here.

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