How-To: Buy Ammunition Online

If you’re looking to buy the most ammunition for your dollar I’ve found no better way than online.  But when I tell people I buy my ammo online I often get a dismissive response, like I’m doing something sketchy.  It’s legal* to buy ammo online and there are plenty of great places to purchase from.  Even with the cost of shipping I get my ammo delivered to my door for less than it costs at Wal-Mart.

*Some states like New York and cities like Los Angeles have utterly senseless and ridiculous ammo laws.  Make sure you are aware of and follow all local laws when purchasing online.


The primary way I search for my ammunition is through  Basically, AmmoSeek is a search engine for ammunition and other shooting related items.  Instead of you digging through each individual site comparing the price per round it does it all for you.  A typical search for me is:

Caliber: 9mm
Manufacturer: Any
Grains: Any
Condition: Factory new ammo only
Casing: Brass casing only

Which produces results like these:

Search Results

From here I start scrolling through looking for a brand on my approved list, such as Aguila, American Eagle, Blazer Brass, Fiocchi, etc.  I personally don’t buy off-brand ammo, which are typically the first handful of listings.

Shipping can vary quite a bit between retailers.  Even though one store may be selling your brand for less per round, once you add in shipping costs it can end up being significantly more.  The nice thing is most of these places let you get a shipping quote without needing an account with them.  Just add the ammo to your cart, go to your cart and select Shipping Quote, input your zip code, and there you go.  I typically check 3 to 4 different retailers before deciding on where to purchase from.

Tip:  You can also set alerts to notify you when your chosen round drops below a certain price.  One of these alerts recently notified me of 1,000 rounds of Aguila 9mm for $157, normally $200+.  Jump on these types of deals quickly, they sell out within minutes.

I’ve never been burned from any site listed on AmmoSeek but I decided to include a list of my favorite retailers.  I’ve ordered multiple times from each of these and have always been pleased with their service.  In no particular order:

AmmoLiquidator –
Ammo King –
LAX Ammo –
SGAmmo –
Target Sports USA –
Bone Frog Gun Club –

Getting the absolute best deal usually means buying 500 to 1000 rounds.  This helps with the shipping cost and many places give you a price break at a half case or full case.

Tip:  Check the ammo manufacturers for rebates.  I recently got 1,000 rounds of American Eagle 9mm 124 grain delivered to me for $169 after Federal’s rebate.  It normally sells for $220+.

Since we have ourselves a Republican President the ammo shelves are filling up and even overflowing.  Prices are coming down and should continue to do so, until the next election cycle starts.  I don’t know about anyone else but over the next 3ish years I’m going to take advantage of lowering prices and excess stock.  When it comes time for the next election and prices start climbing again I can ride it out in peace.  My goal is to have enough ammo on hand to shoot for 6 to 12 months without restocking.  For me that’s about 24,000 rounds of 9mm and 12,000 rounds of 5.56mm.  Looks like I’m staying on the Top Ramen diet.


One thought on “How-To: Buy Ammunition Online

  1. Nice write up Sterling! I buy my competition rifle ammo online.

    I ran LAX Ammo’s .223 reloads in 55 gr and they have been great. I also use Peak Performance ammo for .223 in 55 gr and 75 gr. Both have been extremely accurate and consistent. Use discount code tlamb on Peak’s website to get a reduced amount.


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