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Combat Shooting And Tactics: Extreme Pistol Review

There is no shortage of self-titled firearm instructors out there.  You’ll find plenty who are, or claim they are, a former law enforcement officer (LEO) or military.  I’ve learned that just because someone was career law enforcement/military that doesn’t mean they’re a good instructor. I trained with one retired LEO and when I inquired about learning to shoot on the move

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Combat Shooting And Tactics: Advanced Individual Tactics Review

If you haven’t already done so please consider reading my post Advanced Individual Tactics – Prepping for class as it will explain the class and instructor, Paul Howe, in more detail. Let me be clear, I don’t ever want to be involved in a shooting.  That said, after some classes I’m extra thankful I haven’t been involved in one because I learned

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CSAT MTT – Tactical Pistol Operator 2-Day Class Review

A little over 3 weeks ago I took CSAT MTT’s Tactical Pistol Operator class and am, unfortunately, just now getting around to writing about it.  It’s a fantastic class for both beginning and intermediate shooters.  They have a solid plan that takes you through what you need to learn in a nice stair step approach.  You start by doing seemingly simple

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