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Battle Backpack 

At some point I thought to myself “I wonder, what’s the biggest gun I can comfortably carry and conceal?”  To haul around maximize firepower comfortably means off-body carry.  Since I work in a professional environment my first thought was a briefcase with foam cutouts, which I’ll still probably do, but then I was introduced to the concept of an Active

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SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge – 2,000 Round Update

I’ve put another 1,000 bullets down the barrel so it’s time for an update.  This time I shot only Fiocchi 115 grain FMJ.  It has a bit more pep to it, rated at 100 FPS faster than the Aguila.  Not that it’s really significant.  As expected it continues to run 100%.  Total round count now at 8,150.    Since there

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SIG Sauer P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge – 1,000 Round Update

I just hit 1,000 rounds since starting my P226 SAO Legion Reliability Challenge and thought it time for an update.  When I initially started this project concerns were raised (by some people much more tactfully than others) that damage would occur to the rails.  Because the frame rails are aluminum and not steel they are not as wear resistant.  One

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